Advertise anything anywhere. Without bans.

Adspect reliably cloaks each and every advertising platform.

Key Features

Here’s just a quick glance at what Adspect offers.
Bulletproof Cloaking
Adspect reliably cloaks a long list of advertising platforms: Google, Facebook, TikTok, Bing, X (Twitter), Yandex, Snapchat, Taboola, Outbrain, Google Play, App Store, and many more.
Checker Bots Protection
Adspect blocks all kinds of website checkers: Google Safe Browsing, VirusTotal, Kaspersky, BrandVerity, GeoEdge, AdSecure, The Media Trust, Confiant, Ad Lightning, etc.
Spy Services Protection
Adspect protects your ad campaigns from spy services with 100% efficiency, including AdPlexity, AdClarity, AdSpy, Adheart, Anstrex, AdSpyder, and many others.
Click Fraud Protection
Adspect detects click fraud in any form, even the most advanced click farms built on headless browsers like Headless Chrome, Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, PhantomJS, ZennoPoster, etc.
Safe Page Generator
Adspect comes with a built-in safe page generator by Comsign that was designed specifically for getting cloaked campaigns approved. Forget about tedious manual safe page creation, go full auto.
Detailed Reporting
Adspect provides detailed reports on traffic quality, tracks conversions, logs individual clicks, lets you examine sales funnels with granular breakdown, and much more.

Cloaker Aggregator

Currently using a different cloaker? Good news: most likely it is already integrated inside Adspect.
Adspect aggregates other cloakers: we attached twelve of our main competitors under the hood, i.e. Adspect filters traffic as good as all of them combined at the very least.

Integrate With Any Tracker

Adspect offers several integration types, using both PHP and JavaScript, that let you integrate it with any affiliate tracker.
Adspect supports integration with third party websites: Shopify, Tilda, GitHub, you name it. Integration with WordPress websites is also supported.

Pricing and Payments

We protect your privacy by accepting crypto payments.

Comsign Safe Page Generator

Quick Questions

Complete list of questions and answers may be found on its own page.
Cloaking is a security mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to your website: legitimate visitors are allowed to view real website content whereas bots, competitors, and other malicious actors see a different version of it.
You may advertise anything you want. Adspect follows a no questions asked policy: we do not care what you run and do not enforce any content rules.

Adspect offers major advantages over competitors:

  1. Adspect aggregates other cloakers: we check clicks with 12 competing cloaking services in addition to our own databases and filters, which makes us at least as good as all of them combined. If you are currently using a different cloaker, then most likely Adspect already has it integrated inside.
  2. Adspect has the largest IP address databases in industry: 1.6+ billion IPv4 addresses in the main database, 2.3+ billion IPv4 addresses in the paranoid database, and 33000+ IPv6 networks.
  3. Adspect is the first cloaking service to filter by JavaScript fingerprints.
  4. Adspect is the only service that filters by TCP/IP fingerprints.
  5. Adspect is the only service that filters by SSL/TLS fingerprints.
  6. Adspect is the only service that uses true VLA™ machine learning based on a discrete Bayes classifier. It is a real thing, not just a marketing trick.
  7. Adspect has a built-in safe page generator that creates complete WordPress websites.
  8. Adspect has a built-in tracker with detailed reporting, subaccounting, automatic A/B testing, automatic money page rotation, and other features.
  9. Adspect provides an API for automating your work.
And that’s just a few of our key advantages.
Yes, Adspect is fully compatible with Google tracking template and cloaks it just as good as regular Google Ads campaigns.
No, you do not need any programming experience to use Adspect. All settings are in the web interface, you do not have to edit PHP files to change them.
No, there is no limit on the number of advertising campaigns. You may run any number of campaigns.
No, there is no limit on the number of clicks. You may run any traffic volumes.
Yes, Adspect provides a built-in safe page generator by Comsign.
Yes, Adspect has a 10% referral program. You may find more information in the Referral Program chapter of Adspect documentation.
Yes, Adspect provides a full-featured REST API that lets you completely automate your work.

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